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for the organizers of the animal fights to pretend to be spectators in order to avoid prosecution under federal law. it would also make it a crime to knowingly take a minor to an illegal animal fight. i am pleased that both the house and the senate have included similar language in their versions of the farm bill. as a former prosecutor, i know that illegal drug and weapons deals that take place at animal fights and how they are often hotspots for other criminal activities such as prostitution. just last week, two men in miami-dade were murdered while participating in an illegal cockfight. it is time we stand up against the cruelty of animal fighting and help protect the animals and the people harmed by these fights by including the senate language against animal fighting in the final conference report. i thank you, and i yield back. >> the gentleman yield spec. -- yield back. i would ask unanimous consent for the use of proxies on the part of the house during this conference. seeing no objections, so ordered. note that i have in the remaining order the gentleman from new york, the gentleman from m
them to do within the confines of the laws of the united states of america. the most important thing is to let the public know the facts so we can engage in to reform while maintaining the necessary capabilities to protect our nation. there has been a lot in the media about this situation. some right, some wrong. much has been mischaracterized, which is not helpful for those of us serious about privacy and national security. after these leaks came out, we are urged the intelligence committee to release more information to help the public understand, which they have done. today, we are holding this open hearing so we can continue to get out the facts to the american people can hear directly from the intelligence committee and outside legal experts. one key fact we need to keep in mind is that nsa's focus is on foreign threats. under fisa, nsa does not target americans in the u.s. or anywhere else without a court order. there are two pfizer authorities highlighted in the press. the business records -- fisa authorities highlighted in the press. the business records act to collect metada
country and explain why america is violating international law and dropping drones of people. -- on people. code pink is here behind me with their brilliant colleagues. these are americans, right? you do not have to be an american citizen to see that a revolutionary is hanging out with egyptians last night who started the revolution for democracy. that is what this country is supposed to be, right? when we love freedom, liberty, democracy, i will pivot from despair to hope, because i cannot stand this anymore. i cannot. as a mother, a daughter, i cannot try to explain this situation to my children. i do not want them growing up without safety and freedom and explain to them why 100 men have never been charged with a crime and are incarcerated in guantanamo. i do not want that to be my country. i do not want that to be our legacy. i want my country back. i want it back. [cheers] >> i knew that i would cry if i let this out, but we should be crying so that we can take it back and then we will be laughing. so, right behind us, great dreams took place, marches that expressed american values. t
to rise after fiscal year 2015. it is not ideal, not the best, but it is the law and without replacing it with better savings we must keep sequestration. warner, i will support additional revenues. outas chairman ryan pointed ,nd senator kinsley made clear those additional revenues must come through economic growth. i think we can do that. i am equally certain republicans in congress will not support tax increases, either directly or indirectly. front door or back door. asking american workers to send more of their paychecks to washington will hurt growth. similarly, taking more tax dollars from job creators will result in fewer jobs. i agree exactly with what senator grassley said, the $600 billion tax hike that came with the fiscal cliff legislation at the end of last year was our tax hike. we have gotten the tax hike, and we will not support another one. let's explore representative cole's idea of an expedited tax reform process to get us the pro-growth tax policies that will give us the additional revenue we need. lastly, let's explore enacting the mandatory savings contained in p
. he focuses on the health care law. >> hi, everybody. on thursday i addressed a conference for business leaders around the world. my pitch was simple. choose america. invest in america. create jobs in america. it speaks to my top priority as president, growing our economy, creating good jobs, strengthening security and opportunity for the middle class. over the past three and a half years, our businesses have created over 7.5 million new jobs. this week, the treasury confirmed that since i took office we have cut our deficit by more than half. but we have more work to do. we need to grow and create more good jobs faster. that is my driving focus, and i will go anywhere and do anything to make it happen. that has to be washington's driving focus as well. i know what you often hear out of washington can sadly charley brown's teacher, a jumble of unfocused noise out of touch with the things you care about. today i want to cut through that noise and talk plainly about what we should do right now to keep growing this economy and creating new jobs. it begins by ending what has do
the fisa law. we do not want to send letters critiquing how you do or don't do your job, and then we only learn about it when more intelligence is disclosed from leakers. i want to know -- and this would also require all denials and modification of fisa orders and any new or changed legal interpretation of fisa. i would like to know from you, and we will start with general alexander, would there be any arm sources and methods of >> i am notchange? familiar with this. not that i know of. least, the way you have described it, giving access to the committee on certain things, it is our intent, any time we see something significant like that, to report it to the committee. it seems to me they have a different window -- a better window -- on what is going on, and anything they see as an issue should be shared with us. so if there need to be changes made, we could do that. mr. cole? >> congressman, think the real issue comes down to what is in the application, what is in order, what is in the filing in the fisa court, and that may implicate sources and methods, and the nature of that disclosure
, and in our nation's law enforcement officials, there is clear consensus, this is a terrible way to cut spending. the question is no longer whether sequestration should be replaced, but how. as every member of this conference committee knows, both the house and senate budget call for changes to the budget control act and replace sequestration in different wales. the house budget fully replaces the defense cut, lists the b.c.a. cap, and pays for that by cutting from key domestic vements -- investments. the senate budget pays for that with an equal mix of spending cuts and revenue caused by wasteful tax loopholes that benefit the wealthiest americans and corporations. so getting a bipartisan deal to replace quest racial is going to require compromise. there is no way around it. i am going into this budget conference ready to agree to some tough spending cuts that unlike the quester -- sequester caps that disappear in 2022, will be locked into law. i know there are some republicans that would be interested in swapping some of the infish and damaging sequester cuts with programs that would
reports. and if that requires coming to an understanding with law enforcement across the country, i would be shocked, having worked with so many police officers, that they would not be willing to have an understanding with the federal government on this given what is at stake for the country. one of the things that concern me also is that i heard the discussion between -- judge, between you and mr. tester on lawsuit.e of the uses in 2011, coming before the committee, i wasn't a member of the committee then. wasthe fact that this suit , you didn't feel that you could share that information. i understand you have to go to justice on it vice so i'm not being critical, but what i would be critical of is why wasn't -- this seems to me a core issue of oversight which is need to know that now we are seeing obviously some of the consequences of perhaps a part of this being uses -- obviously with snowden and what we are seeing in other cases. and it really troubles me to think that this would be sealed. was there any discussion about how this is a very important piece of information that the commi
the pay phone. guest: he was thinking if that law must tapped, all of the other phones were tapped. host: that is what triggered the mole hunt for several decades? guest: it was the russian walking in and saying, you have a problem. host: let's go to charles, tampa, florida, republican caller. caller: there was a book written and sold in bookstores about robert hanssen, and i.t. specialists. guest: i wrote that book. it is called "spy." host: "spy: the inside story." caller: this mole and story today is about the same man? was about the first -- no. it was about the first mole hunt in the fbi. after that, there were at least three. there was a man named richard miller and a man named earl pitts. then there was robert hanssen, who was sentenced to life in prison. i was writing about the very first mole, a man named dick. caller: was their concern about the first mole that you wrote about? does this indicate there may be other people having secrets to the other agencies in the -- outside of the fbi. guest: they always have to suspect there might be some sort of internal problem. ther
. but also we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the family medical leave law, 20th anniversary of america core. they are part of the pillars of our sense of common citizenship. i've had republicans and democrats come up to me and tell me what a difference the family leave law made for them. young people who belong to both political party who is believed in citizen service and participated in america corp. he helped make those things ossible too. and one of the things that i always appreciated about him and marveled was how he could be brutally honest in the kindest way. it is true as leader pelosi said that he had had a conversion of sorts on the whole question of assault weapons and because of an experience he had. but he was very clear headed. e told me when we succeeded in no small measure thanks for the leadership of senator biden and putting the assault weapons ban back into the crime bill. he said you can leave this in here but there will be a lot of blood on the floor if you pass this. many of us will not survive. and i'll never forget the argument i had with him. i said tom i'm fr
was not for repealing laws that limited a citizens use of canons and rockets, that he did not think you were entitled to have a missing silo right there in the backyard of your house. at first, the audience was hostile. at the end, a fatal mistake was made. he asked everyone to stand up and then he pleaded for money to pay for the ads. [laughter] people who were already standing, they just walked out. i have spent a good deal of my life overseas at this time. i was mesmerized to watch this. it was not like dealing with the pakistanis, or going to school there, were living in greece or egypt as i had done. it was something very different. i learned over the years, and i was able to see tom, reasons with all kinds of people and with all kinds of interesting arguments. you could always see another side to something. i got to see him in action with presidents and politicians on both sides of the house and both sides of the capitol. he was somehow able to walk others through their demands and show them where they were asking too much and where they might be right. he was not afraid to take a position that
cases at the wto, using our trade laws, bringing in the whole government approach to our enforcement efforts to the interagency trade enforcement center. and that has helped convey to people that we want to make sure this works for american workers and farmers and ranchers across the board. >> so you have a unique opportunity. you are here on a panel with the men who are negotiating these big -- the man who is negotiating these agreements. from the perspective of tennessee or caterpillar or bmw, what would you urge the u.s. government to focus on, as they make these trade-offs with all of the different interests involved in these negotiations? >> i'll start. in all of these, it is a series of compromises. my encouragement would be, and i will tell you that ambassador froman is one of the best at this. i have great trust in him. he start with the big chunks of things and whack those off, and you make the compromises in the places you have to, but you have to be as broad as you can across as many industries as possible to get it done. i know that is exactly how michael does it. it is h
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12